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And don't forget to question... as the self proclaimed "Alan Watts of Hip Hop," CONFUSHANE? is a man of many facets. As a rapper, producer, songwriter, director, photographer, and entrepreneur from Denver, he has never held himself to a single title. His ambiguous and cerbral approach allows him to create both commercial friendly and avant-garde works across mediums.

Thus, the purpose of his signature question mark is to stand as a symbol for curiousity and the ultimate search for truth. It serving as the string that ties all his work together. Though his work is personally therapudic, his mission is to help his audience better understand and become themselves through inquisitive, introspective lyricism over energetic instrumentals. He continues put out fresh, thought-provoking music and visuals (i.e. his latest EP "The Age of Icarus") and build a distinct aesthetic world around his work.

CONFUSHANE?'s strong stage presence, professionalism, charisma, and genre bending Hip-Hop style is sure to capture every crowd he comes across.

With features on LA on LockFame Magazine, Rough Online, and more he has been gaining traction online and in person at every event as he continues to capitalize on his cult-following marketing tactics.

Read what some critics have had to say about his work:

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To book CONFUSHANE? for your next event or show hit the button below or simply reach out to

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